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Practical classes for chocolate lovers.

The main objective is to familiarize our chocolate lovers with techniques such as tempering chocolate, moulding and coating.
The students will then be able to reproduce at home those products they have made during classes.
A minimum of theory will also be taught, as this is necessary for a proper understanding of the work done in practice.
A small syllabus with all this information will be handed out to the students. This training course does not require any particular skills and is therefore open to everyone.

Practical organization:

Lessons are organized in cycles of 20 hours taught during 5 lessons of 4 hours each, on Saturday afternoons from 4 till 6 pm.
Should there be too many students, an additional course can be arranged on Saturday mornings from 9 am till 1pm.

Price of the chocolate courses:
Price per cycle of 20 hours: 300 € (all inclusive *).
Number of students per cycle: maximum 8 – minimum 4.

* The price of a cycle includes practice and theory, free disposal of the required equipment and an apron, the product mady by the student which can be taken home, a brief syllabus with a summary of the lessons and the insurance coverage.

Venue : 1410 Waterloo (Joli-Bois) Chaussée de Tervuren 12

The lessons are taught by Jean-Baptiste Jonné
+32 475 266 993

Dates of the next cycle :

Samedi 14 mai 2011 initiation au chocolat, petit historique, de la fève au chocolat, le tempérage (les méthodes de mise au point du chocolat), l'enrobage à la fourchette.
Samedi 21 mai 2011 initiation au moulage, réalisation de pralines au gianduja
Samedi 28 mai 2011 les truffes, les mendiants. les orangettes.
Samedi 4 juin 2011 les manons, les creux, les décors au cornet.
Samedi 11 juin 2011 le moulage, les ganaches, le caramel.

RESERVATIONS : alchimieduchocolat@gmail.com
(subject to availability)

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